Copyright Conspiracy Theory

(When I downloaded the Echo360 recording for Monday’s lecture about copyright to review it, a copyright warning played on the screen before the recording started. Coincidence? I think not.)

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When copyright was first introduced in 1710 to stop book piracy, it was labelled the “Act of Encouragement of Learning” to give off the impression that it was being created to protect the work of creators. Today, copyright is still considered to be protecting artists. You can’t take anything that isn’t in the public domain and make something with it or you are breaking the law. In terms of creative content, there are four major companies that own pretty much everything; Disney, Time-Warner, Viacom and Newscorp. Disney is the reason that the copyright extension act was created , because they wanted to protect their character Mickey Mouse from becoming available in the public domain. When you look at how the big corporations treat copyright laws, you could speculate that they are not as interested in protecting their creative ideas, content and protecting artists as they are with making lots and lots of money.

– Kassi

8 thoughts on “Copyright Conspiracy Theory

  1. Totally agree with your argument on copyright!
    It’s like corporations try to assure they have all these legal implications regarding copyright to ‘protect’ creative works, as if they are doing the ethical thing. I guess that was the intention of copyright laws in the first place, but now i totally agree that it’s more driven by greed and how much money is going into the pockets of these major corporations. Good Post!


  2. Super interesting post. It raises a pretty valid argument that I had thought about in my own head as well, and it seems as though everyone on here has a similar idea about it! The direction of copyright seems to highlight the priorities of leaders of society today. Monetary entitlement > acknowledging and fostering intellectual work! Cool post 🙂


  3. Definitely agree. It may have been created with good intentions to protect and encourage creativity but now its just gotten to the point where its smothering our ability to create original content! Its even becoming difficult to engage, remix or add on to other intellectual property because everyone is too scared that they will get sued for everything they own!


  4. Great post! These are what I think about copyright. Sometimes I feel the copyright law is a bit stupid haha
    Anyway, thank you! Now I know where the copyright law originally comes from


  5. That’s pretty much the general consensus when it comes to copyright. All these huge companies are just money hungry and willing to do almost anything to protect what is legally theirs before someone else comes along and tries to make a couple of dollars from something similar. Nice post!


  6. Exactly my thoughts on the issue of copyright and copyright infringement on the internet, all about the big corporations and gaining a profit! I honestly wonder sometimes how many cases go to court just for the monetary value! Haha, great post!


    1. Its crazy hey! Especially when its harmless stuff like filming your baby dancing to a song or something and that gets taken to court or has to be taken down before it gets that far. Down with corporations, stick it to the man.

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