Team Microsoft. Viva la Android. Down with Apple

I am going to admit it. I am biased against Apple. I have an Android phone and a Microsoft computer. I’m in the market for a tablet, and am desperately trying to justify a Surface Pro or even a new Chromebook to avoid succumbing to a dreaded iPad or Macbook. Glancing over lecture theatres, it’s crazy to see all of the little lit up apples around the room. Even in my tutorial today, over 80% of the room had an iPhone. I am a lone robot in a room of apples.

Looking at this information, it surprised me to learn that Android is outselling Apple in telecommunications. My biased opinion made me think “well of course, it is the superior product”. What I hadn’t thought of was why. Why did I think Android or anything not-Apple was better. After the lecture, I realised it was because I disagreed with the close-platform approach that Apple takes with its products.

How platforms are created is an ideological choice. Apple has created a closed-platform device that comes with everything included. This gives Apple complete control over the device, content and ultimately the user. Apple products are pretty, easy to use, highly maintained, reliable and the users are comfortable with the hardware and software. Android phones are an open platform, where everything is customizable – anyone can access and modify the code if they know what they are doing. Android has limited  control over their devices, content and users once it has passed into the hands of the user. The ideology behind this is aimed at connectivity verses control.

As was stressed in the lecture, being an open or closed platform doesn’t make something better or worse. In my eyes, open is better, but I can acknowledge that both have their own benefits and disadvantages.

– Kassi

4 thoughts on “Team Microsoft. Viva la Android. Down with Apple

  1. Nah, I’m with you on this Kass.
    I enjoy the freedom of choice, whether it’s used right/wrong, good/bad, open-source users at least have this option to choose whether or not they want to.
    I feel like this compares to a dystopian world, kinda like the one in Divergent or 1984. The city lives without much trouble, thanks to lack of choices to oppose. The world beyond however is dangerous and open, and that’s what I think closed vs open is like.
    On the one hand, one can have security, comfort, and reliability in closed-source ware like Apple, while on the other, you can have imagination, exploration, and possibility in open-source ware like Android.

    P.s you’re not the only robot in the lecture room!


  2. Interesting to see it from an Android-user’s perspective, and you’re definitely right about the abundance of Apple products in our midst. Why do you find open to be better? I would struggle with it and find the simplicity of Apple a God-sent, or rather a Jobs-sent.


    1. Haha I love a good pun! I find open to be better because I can change the layout of my home screen, change my keyboard to one that I like better (right now I’m using google keyboard over Samsung keyboard which I hate, and I’m using a home screen interface more like my Nexus tablet I used to have instead of the one that comes with the phone.) I just like the options, and I really like having a back button as well as a home button, and a button for settings haha. Every time I use an iPhone I can never get back to the place I just was! I repeated keep hitting right of the home button like an idiot.

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