JRLN101 Assignment 1: Vox Pops

Vox Pop 1: Transgender. 

At the time of filming this Vox-Pop, the Sydney Mardi Gras had just finished, which is always a good time to bring up sensitive issues surrounding sexuality, particularly the more “taboo” or even more “unaccepted” sexuality issue of transgender. Bruce Jenner, step-father of the Kardashian sisters, recently came out as transgender and has been all over tabloid magazines and programs because of it. So we went to the students of UOW to ask: “What is your opinion on Transgender?” We wanted to know what they thought, if they accepted it or if they thought it wasn’t a real thing.

Vox Pop 2 : Ban the Burqa? 

Australians, as a whole, are very country-proud people. The notions of mate-ship, being there for the little guy and helping a fellow Aussie out in a time of need are all qualities that we associate with ourselves. We also claim to be “multi-cultural”. However, with all the recent news about ISIS, Muslims and should-we-or-should-we-not ban the burqa (a garment that some women wear that cover their whole bodies except for their eyes), are we really as accepting as we think we are? We asked a bunch of UOW students what they thought of the whole “Ban the Burqa” debate, as well as why they thought women wore the burqa, and whether what someone else is wearing has an impact on them personally.


Both of these Vox-Pops were thought of, filmed and edited by myself and another student, Amy Livermore. 

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