University Life 2 : Too Much Knowledge



Libraries are amazing places. People respect the library in a way that does not carry over to other designated “quiet places”. The quiet carriage on a train is no more quiet than any other carriage, people chat to one another in lectures and have entire conversations in movie theatres. But if you enter the University of Wollongong’s library – silence. If you walk down the corridors of knowledge, books stacked higher than you on both sides, you could lose track of time. If you sit on the floor to retrieve a bottom shelf book and look up, you get a very real sense of just how much information you are surrounded by. You also might think “wow, if all these books fell down right now, I’d probably die”, which is a very literal interpretation of the phrase all of us students will use at some point during our degree “I feel like all my work is crashing down on me”.

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