Get Infected by the T-Virus through ALL of the Media

Transmedia storytelling is the telling of different stories over multiple platforms that all make up and add to one main story. I made a (really bad) Youtube video explaining what transmedia is by using the example of the Resident Evil series. It began as a survivalist horror video game about zombies and mutants and is now a collection of (pretty bad) Hollywood movies, spin-off books, prequel stories, sequel stories and alternate timelines which are explored through a range of different platforms, including comic books and radio shows. Resident Evil encompasses many of the factors of transmedia as described by Henry Jenkins.

5 thoughts on “Get Infected by the T-Virus through ALL of the Media

  1. i love your YouTube video that showing about the multimedia or transmedia platforms related to ‘Resident Evil’ in the from comic book, movie, and then video game. i am agree with most part but i’m not sure about the your statement “Transmedia storytelling is the telling of different stories over multiple platforms” because i alway though that transmedia is telling one story across the media platform. again i love how you use YouTube to explain about the transmedia


  2. I could never play these games by myself I always had to have someone with me which is probably why I’ve not played any of the more recent releases or re-makes. I also got nightmares from the first movie but found as each movie came out they became less scary and more ridiculous. They seemed to lose some of the character behind the original stories that were there in the first games. You’ve picked a great example to explain the concepts behind transmedia as the story is being told via different platforms and I agree it is quite messy. I liked your video but found it a little hard to keep up and read all the text in some parts so might be an idea to slow it down slightly where there is more text to read. But great job and perfect example


  3. I’ve only really ever played a few of the Resident Evil games however until watching this very well composed video I didn’t realize the magnitude in which the Franchise has expanded across so many channels. Its a little bit similar to the Harry Potter franchise in a few ways. But away from that your video is easy to follow and allowed me to take in all the facts as they were mainly well supported by the following or preceding picture. Well done!


  4. having played a bit of resident evil myself, i know you’ve chosen an excellent example. this franchise feels like a maze to me now, considering i have absolutely no idea where the story now starts and where it currently stands. Your video is informative, concise and fits the resident evil theme excellently. I agree with the above comment though, as a brief explanation of how different media crafts the resident evil narrative would definitely add to this piece. Perhaps a link to a site like this Other than that, great work!


  5. I enjoyed how your video distinguished between multimedia and transmedia platforms as even I myself had trouble recognising the differences between the two. Your video provided relevant and contextual information to illustrate what transmedia is and what it provides to audiences. In relation to your example ‘Resident Evil’ I feel it would have been beneficial to briefly explain what parts of the story each media platform contributed to. Do the comic books provide a sequel to the plot of the video games? What story did the movie series follow? And so on. In doing this, I think providing a more in depth example to accompany your description of transmedia would have made the concept more clear.
    But overall well done on the video you made! It was short, sweet and easy to follow.


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