Where Do I Sign Up To Be A Micro Celebrity?

This week’s topic of “All That Tweets” covered the use of Twitter as well as micro-celebrities and online personas. I had a conversation in my room with myself (or my cat if you decide he counts as he was on my lap the whole time) about the lecture and tutorial material to attempt to make sense of it all.


2 thoughts on “Where Do I Sign Up To Be A Micro Celebrity?

  1. The concept of an online persona is so interesting, especially when you realise that it’s technically separate to your physical persona. You are so correct about how we moderate how we present ourselves online as well as edit out the unsavoury parts of our life. Out family and the larger amount of our friends don’t see the unexciting parts of our lives, going to school, doing homework, etc. But we do post what we are proud of: working out, holidays, new buys. Loved the casual take on this, nice and conversational!


  2. This was really interesting to hear your takes on all of the different social media platforms, and your engagement with each of these in a different way ie tumblr, and Instagram. It’s been an engaging experience as well to think about how we are each represented online, and how we are a part of this digital artefact. I’ll definitely be taking a different look at my social media approaches from here. Good stuff.


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