Curiouser and Curisouser

Curiosity is a core human function, and I’ve also heard, is a deadly passion for cats. This curious nature is something I definately have. I have this need to know everything. This can be a really good thing, like from an academic perspective, or a really bad thing, as in I thrive on good gossip (group phone calls with my girlfriends are always amazing for satisfying this not-so-great aspect of myself – but hey, at least I’m honest, right?).

But in all seriousness, I’m a very curious person and will often go above and beyond googling, researching and discovering something until I know everything about it. It’s insatiable. I always want to know more, because the way I see it, if I know more about everything than I’ll understand this crazy world a little better.


So imagine my delight when one day during a discussion about serial killers, a friend told me about the Stuff You Should Know podcast from Two guys – Josh and Chuck – who get together and talk about stuff that they think people should know. And they have an archive of 838 topics they have already covered. I never knew that I needed to know how freakshows worked, how HIV/Aids worked, if I could sweat colours, how poo works, how to brainwash someone… You get the idea.

Whether I’m on public transport, in the shower, driving, trying to fall asleep, the guys are teaching me something. And I tell you, I could kill it on your trivia night at the pub, and the amount of times I have used what they have taught me is amazing. I have rifled through over 800 podcast titles, picking out the ones that piqued my curiosity. And it’s been amazing.

(They also have a Youtube channel, so here is a vid’ for you to take a curious peek at – you’re welcome!)

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