BCM325 Digital Artifact Pitch

For my digital artifact, I intend to create a series of video essays which explore how three issues facing women today – reproductive rights, sexuality, and equal representation – have been imagined in texts showing the future, primarily science-fiction films. I will then explain what economists, academics, sociologists, and historians actually predict will happen to these issues in the real future and the impact they will have on society. How close were some of the predictions? What do these real and fictional predictions about women’s issues say about our attitudes towards them in both the past, present, and future?


7 thoughts on “BCM325 Digital Artifact Pitch

  1. Dear Kassi,

    Firstly, I think this is a wonderful DA pitch and thank you for addressing the role of women in future! I too have noticed the themes you mentioned; reproductive rights, sexuality, and equal representation in the films we have analysed so far in the BCM325 subject. How will you approach each video essay – how will they be categorised, what specific topic(s) will be explored each video?

    Using Blade Runner 2049, this article links explore the boundaries of male fantasies, discussing consent and violence https://lwlies.com/articles/women-in-science-fiction-blade-runner-2049-ex-machina/ , exposing the phenomenon of ‘Born Sexy Yesterday’ which strongly ties into your argument. In film, ‘future cultures’ rarely envision a strong female presence, particularly within STEM occupations. Women are often cast as influential or lead roles where the setting in the past as if to be an afterthought, a product of hindsight or the retelling of a historical event or legacy e.g. Hidden Figures (2016).

    I also appreciate that you mentioned the potential for exploring the portrayal of the LQBTIQ community and those of varying ethnic backgrounds. As women of the world, it is important to have all voices accurately heard e.g. the severe underrepresentation of people of ‘Asian’ culture within sci-fi despite the recurring theme of techno-orientalism.

    Despite being a Guardian article, this article is an interesting read as the author explores topics that may help spark a self-reflection on your own experience with sci-fi as an educated woman, feminist and movie buff! https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/aug/29/is-the-future-female-fixing-sci-fis-women-problem .

    I am a big fan of your work and know you will do an amazing job, best of luck to you! 🙂


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  5. Hey Kassi, I really love this idea for your DA as there’s such an abundance of information out there for you to explore through your video essays. I notice that you don’t refer to your target audience, so I would suggest you think of who might benefit from your DA and gain an understanding of the issues you are scrutinising! I think it would be awesome to also compare how the representation of women through films, texts, etc, has changed throughout the years; but of course keeping it relevant to your topics of interest. I really look forward to viewing your posts throughout the semester, good luck!


  6. Hi Kassi,

    Great DA idea, there’s so much you can talk about. I would highly suggest you to look into “SuperPowering Girls: Female Representation in the Sci-Fi/Superhero Genre,” which is a joint study, looked at how the depictions of women on screen impact young women and girls. It talks about the significance underrepresentation of female superhero references for girls as well as frequent underrepresentation and sexualisation of these characters when they do appear.

    Media tells us our role in the society. It tells us who we are and what we can be. It frames, interprets and amplifies our policies and politics. I personally, would want to see female superheros “who look like me.” Super keen to see how this DA turns out. Good luck x


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