Commenting on others’ blogs

Here are the comments I wrote on the DA pitches for three of my classmates. With each of the comments, I tried to offer some other research ideas based on my life experience/industry knowledge/general thoughts as well as making a comment about their method of presenting the DA, and any other suggestions I came up with. I’ll go into more detail on each comment below.

Nathan: Lowfee DA 

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 2.53.24 pm

I liked that this student was planning on building on an already-established DA idea, and thought they had at least started to think about how to adapt this DA for the Future Cultures subject. I made the suggestion that instead of just looking at guessing what low-fi music would sound like in the future, to back this up with research into the music industry, and how it might change in the future, as well as looking at how the internet influenced the growth of the low-fi genre so much more than other genres. I found some reddit threads I thought might be contextually interesting as background research, and a podcast exploring the origins of low-fi music for Nathan to potentially look at. I appreciated that he had figured out an engagement strategy which worked, as that can often be the hardest part of making a DA – finding an audience. I was trying to sound very nice and polite, but also trying to tell the student that they might need to look for some more academic/research-based information to complement their great idea in order to better improve their DA.

Emma: Water Cooler Chat DA 

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 2.28.26 pm

In my comment to Emma, I highlight that I like her idea because my experience working in the industry she’s planning on covering has shown me that there is definitely a market for the technology in the future but that none of those I work with are embracing this technology right now. I also commented that I think her use of a podcast is a good ideas as I’ve noticed a lot of business podcasts trending lately and so it’s the right time for the medium and the content she’s planning on creating. My main suggestion for her was to potentially add other voices, as the content matter could get dry if it was just the one voice, and also, it would be good to get some experts in the industry to talk on the podcast as well. I tried to find at least one academic source for her to look into as well. This was the first comment I wrote and so I feel I was less critical and more simply supportive of the DA idea compared to the other two comments, and so if I made this comment again, I might add some more critical thoughts, such as asking how she plans to market her blog and podcast.

Tanmayi: Past, present and future of AI

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 2.22.42 pm

In this comment, I tried to outline my biggest fear with Tanmayi’s DA idea that I could think of and that was using a blog and podcast. From her DA pitch, I got the impression she would be relying on both the podcast and the blog to tell her whole DA story, and so I wanted to warn her that they both need to somewhat stand alone as well, as not everyone will engage with all these mediums (obviously the markers would, but outside audiences can be less thorough).
She was also thinking of covering a range of different ideas and industries including business and medicine, so I sent her some links to articles about how AI will affect my industry, journalism, in case she wanted to look into that as well.


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