BCM325 Beta Pitch

In my Beta Pitch video, I outline the original project idea, as well as the changes I made based on the feedback and things I learned whilst making the first video in the digital artifact.

Originally three videos, while making the first one I realised I needed to create an introduction video explaining the history of the genre and concepts needed to understand the utility of the project in order to keep the videos at a consumable length (less than 10 minutes).

I also addressed issues I had not mentioned in my pitch video regarding target audience, release schedule and length of the videos.

I have done most of the background research for all three of the other videos and have a lot of skills and footage to use so I predict I will be able to stick to my planned schedule and complete the DA effectively.

10 thoughts on “BCM325 Beta Pitch


  2. Hey Kassi

    This concept in INSPIRING, and I say this because there is a lot less female roles in sci-fi genres, but it doesn’t stop there unfortunately. This is such an empowering topic to talk about and I really appreciate the way you’re going about it. I agree with Thalia’s comment, suggesting to also use Instagram as a platform to share your knowledge – I also think you should take it to Reddit and start up discussions with an even bigger audience. There are plenty of subreddits that this content would be great it, and of course you would get a lot more opinions and discussions. This is a topic that DEFINITELY should be expanded and acted upon!


  3. Hi Kassi,

    Your choice of topic is super interesting! I like that you have almost merged two topics together, which has given you a really specific research area. The video essay idea I think is the best way you could have captured this information but have you through about how you could direct people to your videos?

    If you were planning on creating more videos in the future I think Instagram would be a great platform now that it has IGTV. This way people might start engaging and sharing your content.

    I am not sure if you are already doing this but I find it super useful to share my content with as many people as possible before posting it. This way you get as many opinions and thoughts on the content before sharing it. Fresh eyes always help!

    Good luck with the rest of your DA!




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  7. Hi Kassi!
    First of all thank you for addressing this incredibly pressing issue, as throughout BCM325 it has been something that has been bothering me. There is so much to flesh out in throughout this digital artefact and there is so much potential to continue it after future cultures! I hate to use the term “sexist” but it seems as though this is the word that comes to mind when discussing your topic. If I am being completely honest, as someone who doesn’t watch films within this genre very regularly it is almost unnerving to watch them and see such themes as equality, reproductive rights and sexuality being misrepresented and inaccurately depicted. Here is an article I think is worth a read! I feel it is written from a fairly unbiased perspective and addresses the issues you are also addressing https://futurism.media/women-in-sci-fi

    You have engaged well with your feedback and it has enabled you to progress positively in the right direction, especially with your ability to clearly identify your target audience. I would have loved to hear you talk more about the process of making the videos throughout your beta! Was it very time consuming? Is it worth it? I know you touched briefly on this but feel you could have elaborated further.

    In moving forward, I am incredibly interested to watch your remaining video essays as it is a topic you have made me extremely interested in!! It would be interesting if you could also look into the film career in general, especially behind the scenes. How many women are involved in the film crew, are any of them written by women, directed by women? Something to consider!


  8. Hey Kassi!
    I’ll start off by saying that I really like your idea for the D.A. It’s really insightful and it’s clear that it is something that you are passionate about. As we spoke briefly about on twitter, the representation (or lack thereof) of women in science fiction films is disappointing and disturbing. And it is a trend that unfortunately, is not limited to the sci-fi genre. I think you have a very well thought out idea in terms of the three topics you are going to cover, as well as how you aim to execute each video. I particularly like how the three issues you are going to explore, mirror some of the biggest social issues facing women globally. Sexuality and equal representation have been recurring themes in a lot of the movies we have watched over the semester, but I feel like we haven’t really seen many examples that I would classify under reproduction rights. That’s just for what we have watched in class, but I’m sure that there are tons of examples for this and I would be really interested in seeing what you find. I’m glad that you decided to do a video to introduce the topic, I feel like often times when it comes to entertainment it’s so easy to switch off and just take it at face value, leaving us to overlook the bigger issues, and an introduction video is a great way to make people not only aware of the issues but why it has become such an issue in the genre. One thing that I would suggest, and that I think would be interesting for your viewers, is a comparison between genres like sci-fi and superhero movies that have been historically geared towards men and genres that have been more associated with women viewers to see if there is a difference in how women are represented. To sum it up, are women more likely to be represented in a certain way if the target audience is likely to be mostly male vs female? Other than that I really like your whole concept. The idea of where women stand in the film industry is an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed- even outside the realm of film these issues echo through our society and will continue to be a big talking point in the future.


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