Week 3 Online Module: A Place to Waste Time pt 2

I walk in the door of the four bedroom share house I live in with a group of my closest friends, headed straight for the small kitchen. I pop the kettle on and make a cup of tea, usually a strong black afternoon tea (whether it is afternoon or not), one sugar and some milk. As I walk up the hallway, stomping quite loudly on the floor boards, I pass my cat, who meows at me and follows me into my bedroom. Shutting the door behind me, I turn on my TV and my cat settles into his spot at the end of my bed and curls into a ball as my PlayStation4 powers on. I sit next to him and start up whichever game it is that I want to play that day, and disappear into that world.

Capturing the sounds to convey my place was relatively easy, because they are pretty recognisable sounds – the sound of a kettle, a meow, turning on a gaming console.